Clipping Path

A clipping path is an outline or closed vector path or shape around an image, used to cut out a section of image from an image. The section inside and outside of the path can be used in different purpose like removing of background, shadow, unwanted object etc from the original image. There are two basic types of clipping path like simple path and multiple paths or color paths. Simple path is only one clipping path on an image that selects only one section for simple editing and multiple paths are multiple numbers of clipping paths that select multiple sections of different colors on an image for color correction an image.




Shadow Creation

As a highly respected offshore graphic studio, our ability to the mirror effects and reflection shadows makes us prized. Our skilled operatives use this technique to create beautifully rendered product images and transforming them from flat and dull pictures lacking depth to the type of crisp and professional images that can have seen in a quality glossy magazine.shadow

Image Masking

Irrespective of the level of outline complexity, our skilled graphics operatives can surmount all problems to deliver a superlative result. We pride ourselves on adapting our approach to the task rather than continuing to apply generic techniques to a photo regardless of what it is. Each of our skilled operatives has a particular area of expertise and continues to build on that skills base to ensure that they are a master of their craft. As such, you can be assured that your image masking needs will be tackled by a consummate professional with a level of experience unrivalled within the offshore graphic studio sector.cps_masking (3)

Multiple Clipping Path/Color Path

‘Clipping Path Saffron’ offers world class multiple clipping path or color path service for any garment item or any object. Multiple clipping path or color path service not only helps to change the color of the image but also help to give a brand new look of that image. We provide very effective and affordable color path service for your business.Many of us can’t understand multiple clipping path service properly. Actually it is the specialty of CEI. With multiple clipping path, one can change individual components of an image in terms of color level, multiple filling, transform in any form in terms of opacity change, change in size, rotation and more. In addition, various filters and effects can be applied for photo enhancement and the possibilities are unlimited here.collor-path1

Clipping path with White backgrund

It is a common question “What is CLIPING PATH?” For achieving the best idea in clipping path at first you need to know about it closely. You must get a clear idea about it from the description below:

Clipping path is a close vector or shape which used to cut out the image in editing tools or software like Adobe Photoshop or as a photo editor, Adobe Illustrator and others design tools. clipping path is not only cut out an image from their background but also be used in several different ways such as giving a special shape to an object or  tools to edit  a particular part  within an image or ripening  a fantastic layout design.  The clipping path applies or omitted anything inside the path for the best output which depending on the image editor capabilities.

The commingle path results from it join of multiple paths with inclusive and exclusive what Boolean action that ultimately determine which attached path contains. For example, an including path which carry a smaller individual path results in a exclusive shape with a “Completely” (Bound by the exclusive path). One of the best uses of a clipping path is to select objects that not need to be observed because they are exceptionally the users viewpoint or removed by display elements (such as a HUB)